About Us

Hell on wheels is located at 3/5 Hollylea Road in Lumeah, 100m down the road from Lumeah skatepark. Drop in and visit us next time your riding at the park or give us a call on 02 9519 2312. We can also mail order anything you need, check the website and drop us an email or give us a call if you are chasing anything we don't have on the site. 

Hell on Wheels was established in August 2007 by a group of like minded friends who have been living and breathing BMX since their early years. Between us we have been riding, crashing and fixing BMX bikes for over 50 years! That’s right hell on wheels has a sum total of 50 years BMX experience! Talk about a world of knowledge and wisdom!

We saw an opportunity to properly represent BMX in Sydney and create a real BMX hub, a place where any rider can go to get their BMX obsession properly serviced. Whether it be getting that sweet new part you have been dreaming of, or getting those busted, twisted wheels of yours straightened out or even just being able to go somewhere and talk crap about random BMX stuff with people who are as stoked and obsessed with BMX as you are.

Aside from being the best shop we can be and offering professionally awesome services and advice, we are also very interested in keeping the local BMX scene alive and healthy. From sponsoring and organising jams and events to attending meetings and working with local councils in helping to get spots built, we actually care about where BMX in this city is going because we are all real life actual riders who give a crap. BMX is our life.